"Tegeta Motors" officially introduced American brand - Mobil in Uzbekistan



Invited guests had the opportunity to get familiarized with American brand Mobil, as well as to receive information on Tegeta's plans in Uzbekistan. Up to 200 guests attended the event, which was held with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Tegeta Motors started test sales of Mobil in the Uzbekistan market last year. The result turned out to be so impressive that it was decided to sign an official dealership agreement within a period of few months. The current year's plan and forecast is several thousand times higher than the result achieved in 2023, implying sales of 1.5 million liters of lubricating products.


Vakhtang Kacharava, Executive Director of “Tegeta Holding”: "Tegeta" has an important role both within the country and in the region, in terms auto industry development. We want to make the highest quality products and proper services available for Central Asian countries as well. This time, we presented Mobil in Uzbekistan. In the first stage, we introduced 70 different products, and this year we have decided to double the assortment. 

However, this is only the beginning. Tegeta Motors will increase its representative offices in the cities of Uzbekistan. We are planning to open at least 3 new facilities that will serve both light vehicles and trucks, heavy and special purpose equipment. A showroom for wholesale, retail and corporate sales will also be opened. Soon we will be represented in all major cities to offer the quality of "Tegeta" and services tailored to the needs of the local customers as well."

The wide range of Mobil products includes up to 1000 products and fully meets the requirements of Uzbek market, including passenger and commercial vehicles, special machinery and the largest industrial directions.

Vakhtang Kacharava, Executive Director of “Tegeta Holding”: "Tegeta” and Mobil have been successfully cooperating in Georgia throughout a number of years. Therefore, we also had the desire to expand this cooperation, and Mobil is also happy to entrust us with a market of such scale and opportunities as Uzbekistan. Enhancing trade relations with Uzbekistan has always been interesting for Tegeta. Our and Mobil's interests are similar in this matter as well. The American brand has been studying the market for several years.

Large-scale projects have a direct proportional impact on the development of trade relations between Georgia and Uzbekistan. In addition to the fact that Uzbek market itself was interesting in the context of business expansion, we would like to contribute to the development of the so-called Silk Corridor“. 


The first cooperation agreement between “Tegeta Motors” and Mobil was signed in 2019, making the company to become the official importer of the brand in the country. In just a few years, Mobil's sales exceeded 1 million liters. Since then, the successful cooperation of the two companies has been based on common values, outlook and vision of doing responsible business.


About Tegeta Motors: Tegeta Motors - a company included in “Tegeta Holding”, has been operating in the market since 1995 in the direction of light, truck and special purpose services. The leader company of auto industry, offers customers full range of auto services, both for cars and trucks, buses and minibuses, as well as special purpose machinery. The company operates 28 branches across the country, serving up to 500,000 retail and 35,000 corporate customers. “Tegeta Motors” represents up to 300 world brands in Georgia, including Bridgestone, Michelin, Varta, Shell, Motul, Hengst and others.


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